Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Hobbit Book Review: Chapter 9

With help from Bilbo the dwarfs barely escaped the grasp of the giant spiders and from being their dinner.  Hungry, poisoned, and beyond weary the group stumbled through Mirkwood searching in vain for a way out.  All the sudden several torches surrounded them and an elvish voice shouted halt.  The dwarfs gave up peacefully and Bilbo who slipped on his ring step aside to not be spotted.  The dwarfs were taken to the Elven king questioned and then each were sent to a separate cell and given food.  Bilbo just barely snuck in behind the last elf before the magical doors snapped closed.  

They spent several weeks as prisoners in the Woodland Kings domain and Bilbo spent every day with his ring on trying not to be spotted, invisibility will only get you so far.  Bilbo also found where they were keeping Thorin imprisoned.  One day Bilbo devised a plan to help him and the dwarfs escape.  It was a night of a great fall festival and all the elves were busy merry making and feasting.  That is when Bilbo overheard one of the elves about sending empty storage barrels back up the river.  So when the butler and chief were down in the cellar having a drink, Bilbo was there waiting.   The drink must have been of a strong kind because shortly after the drink the Butler and Chief fell fast asleep dreaming sweet dreams.

Bilbo quickly gathered all the dwarfs starting with Balin and ending with Thorin.  He then took them to the cellar and packed them neatly into thirteen different barrels, all before the second shift came to switch with the Butler.  The elves pushed out the barrels and commented on how heavy they seemed for empty barrels, but didn’t check inside them.  After the last barrel was tossed out Bilbo quickly jumped in the water below fearing he would never find the dwarfs if he didn’t.   They floated down the stream and so did Bilbo as he tried his best to climb a top one of the barrels to get out of the cold water.  They made it to a small port, were several elves gathered the barrels and tied each of the them  together to make a raft.  This is where they stayed the night and our chapter ends. 

Now Bilbo has gotten the dwarfs out of not one, but two dangerous situations.  Their comments earlier in the book now seem a little misplaced and Mr. Baggins has beyond showed his worth.  I love how Mr. Tolkien has taken this underdog character and through trials has become the hero and leader of the book.  It shows how greatness can come from anywhere and anybody.  If your reading along let me know what you think of Mr. Baggins.

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