Friday, August 17, 2012

Jason Miller's Mayhem Madness

It seems like former TUF coach and MMA superstar Jason Mayhem Miller took his fight name a little too serious the other night.  Mayhem was found passed out naked on a couch by the pastor of the Mission Hill Church located in southern California.  The church showed signs of forced entry and vandalism.  From broken pictures, to ransacked book shelves, to spray painted walls, and finally a trail of fire extinguisher residue led the pastor, to a napping Miller on the second floor. 

I’ve always like Jason Miller, what he lacked in fighting ability he made up for with his eccentric personality.  Even if he had been outmatched by his opponent he always did his best to win the fight.  Just two years ago Jason Miller was in the MMA spot light.  From his two season run as host on the MTV show Bully Beatdown, to being coach on Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter.

A year and a half later Jason Miller went from TV talent and MMA fighter to retired and out of work.  To top it off you have his Ex UFC Boss Dana White taking pot shots at him on Twitter.  This could take its toll on any person.  Do I condone what Mayhem Miller did? Of course not, I’m just saying everybody has a breaking point.   It’s sad to hear about and see what the once beloved MMA star is going through. 

In the end I hope he takes away what he needs from this episode.  Because MMA needs a personality like Mayhem, for better or worse he is downright entertaining and would make a great fight announcer.

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