Sunday, July 29, 2012

John Orozco: A True American Inspiration

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John Orozco's journey to London was not paved in gold like some of his fellow Olympians.  Just two years ago his was all too uncertain.  When he was getting ready for the 2010 US National Visa Championships, he received an unnerving phone call from his mother.  Your dad had a stroke, his mom said and was rushed to the hospital.  This is the worse news the young athlete could have heard.  Right before his biggest competition to date.  Being between a rock and a hard place John decided his place was by his fathers side.  So with his mind made up he called back home to tell his folks he was on his way, but on the other end of the phone he heard his dad voice saying I'll be fine son, go do what you were born and have trained to do.
If the nerves of the competition aren't bad enough, try having the news of your fathers recent stroke to deal with.  His mind racing and his focus at home, he stepped up to the mat for the vault event.  Everything looked good until the landing, it was off.  But being the athlete he was he didn't show any signs of pain.  Then he stepped off the mat and collapsed in agony holding his right leg.  His coach and trainer ran over and with a quick look confirmed that he tore his achilles.  Injured at his first major event, his dad in the hospital, and now he must undergo surgery for a torn achilles.  Things were not looking good for the 17 year old gymnast from the Bronx.

Fast Forward a little more than a year and a half and John Orozco is in London and has the chance to represent his country in front of his family, friends and the millions at home watching.  To think of what this young man has overcome in his short life is inspirational.  This shows you that your dreams no matter how impossible they seem, can be made a reality if you never give up and just keep pushing forward.  Also, don't let other people tell you that you can't do it, you're not smart enough, you're to old, or you don't have the talent.  Don't give up, don't give in and everyday you wake up is another day you can push forward to realize your dream.

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