Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Machida Karate-Do Technique 4

Inside Leg Kick to Spinning Back Kick
This technique starts from the orthodox stance with your opponent in the same stance.  Also, the lead leg inside kick is thrown directly from the stance.  Not as a switch kick like the Muay Thai version of the kick.  You do this by leaning your weight back on your rear leg as you lift your leg off the ground.  Then swing your leg around to kick your opponents inside leg.

After the kick lands let your momentum carry your leg around and step on the outside of your opponents leg around you turn your back toward them.  Directly after you plant your left leg on the ground continue turning your body to position yourself to unleash a powerful right spinning back kick.  To do this you lean back to keep your balance pull your right leg in and push your coiled leg toward your opponents midsection.

The main focus for this technique is to make your turn as seamless as possible so you don't give your opponent time to react.  Also don't forget to keep your eyes on your opponent throughout the technique. 


Inside Leg Kick


Spinning Back Kick
 Is this technique good?  Yes, I believe the inside low kick sets you up perfectly for the spinning back kick.  If your opponent backs up after every kick you throw, you can use this technique to close the distance.  Also, if they check the kick this will leave them stationary and you will be able to land a solid body kick.  So drill this technique often and you will find it handy for your next fight or sparring session.

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