Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hobbit Book Review: Chapter 4

After leaving Rivendell, Gandalf lead Bilbo and the dwarfs up the mountain pass.  They climbed the Misty Mountains for days on end without reaching its summit.  Then one particular day while climbing up, they ran into a terrible thunderstorm.  All around them were violent crashes of lighting, horrible roars of thunder, a down pour of rain, and to beat it all there were stone giants throwing massive boulders not too far from Gandalf and company.  

Not liking the thunderstorms to much and fearing being used as a play thing by stone giants, the group scouted for a place to wait out the storm in safety.  Around the corner they found a nice cozy cave just big enough for the company and their ponies.  Gandalf wasn’t satisfied with the dwarfs quick check of the cave, so he combed over every nook and crevice until he was satisfied that no other creature took refuge there. 

All except Bilbo feel asleep soundly that night in the dry cave.  He kept having uncomfortable dreams that a crack in the cave wall keep getting bigger and bigger letting nasty things in.  He woke up all the sudden to see his dream wasn’t all just fantasy.  He saw the last pony being taken away through a large opening in the cave wall.  With a loud yell the hobbit alerted his company.  At the same moment large smelly goblins burst through the hole and snatch up Bilbo and all the dwarfs.  Gandalf woke up, alerted by Bilbo’s squeak, gave the Goblins more than they bargained for.  With a bright flash and a loud bang three of them fell dead.

Now Bilbo and company were rushed down the mountain by rod and lash to the Goblin lair.  There in the middle was a huge fire with loads of goblins all around.  In the back of the lair in a grand chair, sat the Great Goblin.  He questioned and threaten the dwarfs with death and captivity.  Then with a poof the center fire went out, thick smoke filled the room and a glowing sword stabbed the dumb founded goblin in the chest.  Lead off by Gandalf, the dwarfs and Bilbo made their escape from the goblin lair.  They ran as fast as they could down the tunnel, hearing the screams and growls from the goblins who weren’t far behind.  They caught up and grabbed poor Dori from behind and with a stumble Bilbo fell off Dori's back and hit his head.

Now the fourth chapter leaves you with a cliffhanger ending.  What’s going to happen to Bilbo?  Did the dwarfs make it out?  We will find out next time.  So if you're reading along let me know your favorite part of the chapter.

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