Monday, August 6, 2012

The Hobbit Book Review Ch. 2

We left off with poor Bilbo Baggins waking up to a mess in the kitchen.  He saw the signs of a very large and very hurried breakfast from those adventure seeking dwarfs.  After all the dishes were cleaned up Bilbo thought it best to sit down and take a break.  Then before  Bilbo could take a moment to relax, Gandalf rounded the corner and asked why he wasn't ready.  Bilbo had thought he dodged a bullet.  He was being rushed out before he could gather anything for the trip, he even forgot his pocket handkerchief.

Bilbo arrived just in time to leave, but he wouldn't have cared if he had been late and missed the adventure all together.  So they saddled up their ponies and began their journey toward the lonely mountain.  A couple of meals later, its always like a Hobbit to track the time of day by meals not minutes, they stopped to make camp for the night.  The wind was blowing and the rain was coming down.  Usually that wouldn't stop a dwarf from being able to light a fire, that wasn't the case on this night.  

They were cold, without a fire and without their wizard.   Off in the distance they spotted the faint light of a camp fire.  They were trying to decide who would go check it out, they decided on Bilbo.  They wanted to see if he was as good of a burglar as Gandalf said he was.  So off Bilbo went, he crept as quietly as a hobbit could and that was almost noiseless.  Bilbo got right up to the fire, but stayed in the shadows to not be spotted.  From there he viewed 3 huge figures sitting round the fire, these were not men, they were trolls!  Bilbo thought it would be best to head back to the dwarfs, but not before he pick pocketed the trolls.  He wanted to show the dwarfs how good of a burglar he was.  This was not a good move for the hobbit, as the troll snatched him up as quickly as his hand enter his pocket.

Bilbo found himself in a situation here with the trolls.  If you want to figure out if and how Bilbo got out of his mess, you should pick up a copy of the Hobbit.  This for me was the chapter that got me invested in the book.  It turned from an everyday fantasy adventure to a timeless classic.  Feel free to comment below with your favorite part of this chapter.


  1. I need to make sure Caleb reads these. He loves the Lord of the Rings movies but I don't think he has read any of the books.

    1. Really, they are a must read for all Lord of the Rings fans and the Hobbit is what started it all.