Monday, August 6, 2012

Insanity 2 Inshape Wk 2

Alright folks, I just completed week one and it was tough, but I pushed through it.  If you're going through the challenge with me you know what I mean.  On day two my entire legs were sore, right down to my calves.  It took about two days for the soreness to be tolerable, with my body aching for a break the Insanity program answered my call.  It was just what I need, when I needed it.  Cardio recovery was a welcome break from the intense plyo-metrics. 

So far the program has been kicking butt and taking names.  The hardest one for me has been the plyo-metrics circuit.  It's a good mixture of jumping movements and speed drills that will destroy your legs and kill your lungs.  Near the end you welcome the push-ups and the plank style ab exercises so you can catch your breathe.  Overall, I feel like the first week has gotten me ready for the next.  You think only one day off wouldn't be enough to recover, but it is with this program.

So get ready for week 2 and lets try to think it can't get any worse, but we know it will.  Keep pushing, don't give in and just keep moving forward.  If your mind tells you to give up or that today you can take off because your sore, tell your mind you don't listen to wussies. 

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