Sunday, July 22, 2012

Machida Karate-Do Book review part 1

Right cross

Entering with Kicks Tech. 1

I will start my review with the striking attacks/entering with kicks portion.  At first Lyoto breaks down the strategy he has learned through countless hours of sparring and training.  You setup your power attacks with feints or strikes that you would use for distraction not for damage.  He likes to incorporate the High-Low method or Low-High method.  For example, if you enter with a body shot you could add a high kick after it.  Also, when you attack with a leg kick after that you could throw a straight right to the head. The most important thing to take away from this is the power of deception.  Lyoto does this so well, Luke Sky-walker would be impressed.  If your opponent catches on just remember to deceive them like you're a Jedi.  In the end the leg kick they check will distract them from the left hook they receive.

Orthodox stance
weight on rear leg

Leg kick
Right cross

The first technique Lyoto shows is from orthodox stance (left foot forward).  He leads with a inside low kick from his lead leg to a straight right cross.  He does this by shifting his weight to his rear leg, as he brings his lead left leg off the ground with his knee slightly bent.  Turning his hip over he swings his left leg toward his opponents lead leg (this only works if opponent has the same stance as you).  This technique is more of a setup for your right cross, not a damage dealing fight ender.  Then with the momentum of your kick, shift your balance to your lead leg as you place it on the outside of your opponents rear leg, giving you the distance you need to deliver a powerful right cross.  With your momentum still transferring to your lead leg, turn your hips square as you release your chambered right hand to your opponents chin.  Make sure your left hand stays up.  Have it glued to the side of your head with the palm of your hand firmly placed on the crown of your head.  Also, have your elbow tucked in tight to your body, so to protect yourself if your opponent counters. Just remember when you throw a combination hands up, chin tucked.

This is where Lyoto ends the combo, but if you're sparring or fighting the round won't end here.  There are several ways to continue the flow of this technique.  Since your hips are already square, you can lower your level and shoot for a head outside double leg.  Also, instead of throwing a traditional straight right, you can let the momentum of your rear leg swing around.  Place it behind your opponents lead leg to setup for a variation of a hip to hip judo trip called Obi otoshi (belt drop) ala Fedor versus Brett Rogers.  I know the punch had alot to do with the dropping, but you get the picture.  Check out the video text link to get an idea.

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