Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Hobbit Book Review Ch. 1

With the Hobbit movie coming out this fall it got me wanting to read the book again.  I started reading it and its just as good as I remembered.  From the well written characters, to the detailed surroundings, it sparks your imagination with every page you read.  With the level of detail in the story you feel as if you are on the journey with the Hobbit and his comrades.  So if you plan on seeing the first part of this Theatrical trilogy, I suggest you read the book you won't be disappointed.   

CH. 1
In the first chapter you meet our friend Bilbo Baggins.  He is a very unsuspecting person to be in an adventure story, but he is, none the less.  Bilbo is very fond of eating, the drinking of ale and every once in a while enjoys a good pipe of tobacco.  Everyday for Bilbo was pretty much the same, until one day a very old friend of Bilbo's stopped by, but he didn't know this at the time.  His name was Gandalf and was a very respectable wizard.  He inquired Bilbo about an adventure, but Bilbo was not the adventure sort.  He didn't like anything that would make you late for dinner and tea.  He declined, but invited Gandalf over the next day for tea.

The next day Bilbo forgot all about the wizard and his invitation to tea.  Then came a knock at the door, this is were the story gets interesting.  One by one a different dwarf begins to come in, one about every 10 minutes.  The next thing you know Bilbo is having a party of 14 and he is playing host.  All his cakes, all his cheeses and all his ales were ate up and drank down.  Exhausted by the end of the night, he slept soundly in his bed that night.  He woke up wondering did all this really happen, where were all the dwarfs he thought.  Not noticing the note they left him, he went on with his daily routine not thinking of any adventure what so ever.

This closes out chapter one, you get a good feel for all the characters and a broad sense of what lies ahead on their quest.  Tune in later this week for a review of chapter 2.

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