Wednesday, August 1, 2012

UFC on FOX 4 Shogun VS Vera

Main Card Event Breakdown

DaMarques Johnson vs Mike Swick
First off Mike Swick has been out of the game for 2 1/2 years, this would be hard to overcome for any fighter.  In strength and cardio I would give Damarques Johnson a slight edge.  The speed and striking advantage would go to Mike Swick.  On the ground its close, I think it depends who ends up on top.  But, I don't see this ending up on the ground unless Damarques takes it there.  In the end I see Damarques Johnson taking this near the end of the 2nd via gnp.

 Joe Lauzon vs Jamie Varner
Jamie Varner is coming off a huge knockout victory and Joe Lauzon a submission win over Melvin Gullard.  So both the fighters are coming off good wins.  Joe Lauzon is a crafty submission expert and rarely if ever gases in fights.  So I would give him the advantage on the ground and the cardio department.  Jamie Varner is a compact powerhouse with knock out power.  He gets the edge in striking , strength and speed.  But this won't stop Lauzon who has fought similar opponents and ended up beating them.  Jamie Varner will gas out by round 3 and Joe Lauzon will finish him via submission.

Lyoto Machida vs Ryan Bader 
This is the fight I'm looking forward to most on the card.  Lyoto is coming off a loss from Jon Jones and Bader a good win over an aging Rampage Jackson.  Lyoto's foot work and speed will keep Ryan Bader from closing the distance.  Ryan Bader's distinct wrestling advantage will be of no use for him in this fight.  Power advantage will also go to Ryan, but struggling to close the distance he will be unable to utilize it.  I see this one going the distance and Lyoto getting the nod via more shots landed and octagon control.

Shogun Rua vs Brandon Vera
This could be an exciting fight if Brandon Vera lets go of his punches and kicks.  Shogun is never gun shy so you don't have to worry about his ability to make it a good fight.  The thing with Shogun is you never know which Shogun will show up.  Will it be the no cardio, just get out of the round, Shogun or will it be no one can stop me, world beater.  If we get the best from each of these fighters, this will be fight of the night.  Speed and striking the advantage would go to Shogun.  Ground, I just don't see this fight going there.  Strength advantage would go to Brandon Vera, he will be the bigger fighter on fight night.  Clinch, both fighters have shown a good clinch so I can't see an advantage for either fighter.  In the end Shogun is a beast and Brandon will just be another bump on the road to another title shot.  Shogun via round 2 knock out.

Overall this beats the last couple of PPVs and its Free.  So get ready for an exciting night of fights.


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    1. Yeah me too I can't see anyway Bader or Vera has what it takes to win, but who would you rather see get the title shot against Jones?