Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Hobbit Book Review: Ch 5

Bilbo woke up, still dazed from his hard fall.  Dwarfs and goblins were both gone, he was all alone in the dark and quiet tunnel.  He crawled on all fours until he could regain his senses.  He felt something cold and smooth, but it was no rock, it was a small ring.  Without thinking he picked it up and placed it in his front pocket.  He did not know it at the time, but this ring would forever change his luck.  Down he went, further into the tunnel, to the very heart of the mountain.  

Several passages he scurried past, fearing what may lay waiting for him in the darkness.  He continued on down the tunnel until his road was stop by a small lake at the bottom of the mountain.  Bilbo was was starting to wonder if he might ever get out of this labyrinth of tunnels.  Then from across the water he heard a very peculiar voice.  This creature was called Gollum, he was a small slimy creature that loved to eat fish.  Gollum proposition Bilbo with a game of riddles.  If Gollum won he would have Bilbo for dinner and if Bilbo won he would show him the way out.

After several Riddles, Bilbo stumped Gollum and won the contest.  Gollum not being one for losing and being very hungry after the long game, decided he would kill Bilbo with the help of his precious.  You see his precious was a magical ring that made you invisible, so poor Bilbo had no hope.  Gollum searched in vain for his precious, but it wasn't there.  If you remember earlier this was the very ring that Bilbo had found, Gollum had lost it in the tunnel.  Gollum's rage was so great he took off toward the hobbit with evil intentions.  This frighten Bilbo so much he took off up the tunnel, but Gollum wasn't far behind.

At some point on the way up the tunnel the small ring slipped on Bilbo's finger when he reached his hand in his pocket.  He then stumble on a crack and fell on the ground, and before he could brace himself from the enraged Gollum, he saw the creature run right past him.  At that point Bilbo realized that this ring was special.  Then he took off up the passage to follow Gollum, hoping he would lead him out of the mountain.  That's just what he did, he lead Bilbo right up to the back door.

With a great leap he jumped over the crouched Gollum.  Then he ran down the passage, until he saw a faint glow of the outside light.  This led him right into a room full of goblins.  They were looking every which way to try and spot the little hobbit.  He maneuvered around them crawling under one of their legs, side stepping another.  He then got to the back door, it was cracked enough for him to barely squeeze out, but his brass buttons were not so lucky, they popped off from the effort.

Bilbo had made it out of the Misty Mountains, outwitted the crafty Gollum and sneaked past a room full of Goblins.  All this without the help of the Dwarfs or Gandalf.  This little hobbit has started to become pretty resourceful.  Now Bilbo has found the ring, but he still needs to find his friends. 

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