Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Machida Karate-Do Technique 5

Sweeping Kick to Cross to Flying Knee

If you've seen a Machida fight chances are you have witnessed him unleash his trademark knee to the body.  This is the same knee that folded Tito Ortiz when he fought him.  In this combo you will learn how to setup this strike.  I have found that you generate more power with this than the standard Muay Thai knee.

You start the combo in orthodox stance with your opponent in the same stance.  This combo is best setup in punching range so make sure you get your distance down.  Now that your in punching range lean your weight to your rear leg as you sweep kick your opponents calf.  You do this by using the ball of your foot to make contact with the calf with a forceful swing not a strike.  After you have compromised their balance you want to land your left foot on the outside of your opponents rear leg to gain a superior angle.  Then you push off of your rear leg, as you rotate your hips.  Allow the gathered momentum from your body weight to flow from you legs to you right cross, aimed at your opponent's face. 

After Impact with your right cross bring your hand back to grab your opponents left wrist.  Pull you opponents wrist as you bring you left arm toward you opponents head.  While doing this jump in the air with you right knee, then shuffle your legs bringing your left knee up.  Follow by grabbing the back of your opponents head.  When landing, place your right foot to the outside of your opponents lead leg keeping your angle of advantage.  

This combo has a well versed array of attacks, from a foot sweep, to a right cross, to a powerful knee.  Your level of attack changes throughout the entire combo so you are more likely to land at least one of the strikes to your opponent.  If you deliver each strike with intention you should find luck with this combo.  The main thing to remember is to practice until you can perform the technique like walking, be open minded and learn to flow with what your opponent gives you.  

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