Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Machida Karate-Do: Technique 7

Cross to Hook to Round Kick

Generally when fighting an experienced striker you won’t land with the first, second or sometimes even the third strike.  With this combo you show your opponent several different angles of attack.  Also if you aren’t flexible enough to deliver a good high kick without compromising your footing.  This combo also sets you up with a powerful body kick.

 This combo is best utilized when both fighters are in standard (orthodox) stance.  From your stance lunge off your back foot, transferring your weight to your front leg. Then  rotate your hips as you throw your right cross toward your opponents face.  Re-chamber your right hand as you pivot your back leg to open up your hips for a powerful round kick.  While pivoting your back leg throw you left hook using the momentum you generated from the pivot.  This will help generate power for your hook, also try to make sure you connect with the left hook to off balance your opponent for the kick.

With your hips opened up from the pivot, deliver a powerful round kick to the head, or body if you’re not flexible enough.  Keep your weight on your left leg as you lean back.  While leaning back lift your right leg up and swing it toward your opponents head.  Rotate your hips over to maximize force of your round kick.   Follow through with your kick so you get max power.  After making contact you can either pull your leg back to your original stance.  Or if you want to close the distance, place your foot to the outside of your opponents lead leg.


Left Hook view 1
Left Hook view 2

This combo does a great job setting up your high kick or body kick by varying the angles of attack.  They say the shot they don’t see is the strike that puts them away and this combo offers several different angles for your opponent to look at.  For myself I’m not a fan of the high kick, I see too many fighters lose their balance when trying to throw them.  But if you have leg flexibility like Cro-Cop then you might be able to pull it off.  Just remember practice each combo until you don’t have to think about doing them.

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