Monday, August 27, 2012

Insanity 2 Inshape: Week 5

Alright you guys, I just finished up week four and I’m ready to tackle week five.  I looked ahead and week five is a recovery week to let your body rest before it gets killed by the Max Interval training.  It seems like the first five weeks are a build up to the real test of insanity.  I'm looking forward to see how crazy this workout can get.

Overall I feel great, my body has recovered after each workout, so I can push myself each and every day.  The infomercial is right, the only way insanity doesn’t work is if you don’t do it.  Now this workout isn’t for everybody, if you are prone to knee injuries or shoulder injuries you should stay away from it.  They do a lot of jumping movements and hold the plank position for several minutes at a time.   But if you can do it, it’s a awesome way to get in shape and you don’t need any exercise equipment at all.  All you need is yourself, a TV and a DVD player. 

We are already half way through it and if you're like me you can’t wait to see your results after the 9 weeks are through.  So keep motivated and push through and soon you also will have a body to be proud of.

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