Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Hobbit Book Review: Ch 7

After barely escaping being burnt alive by the hands of goblins.  Then having great eagles swoop down saving them just in the nick of time.  Bilbo and his friends, I think they should be called friends now since he has went through more with them in a month then you would in life time with your friends under our circumstances, have journey past the misty mountains and been placed carefully down by the great eagles on a large rock platform called the Carrock.  

Gandalf realized they were far from the original path they would have been on if they had not been detoured because of the wolves and goblins.  Also, they were out of food, supplies, and ponies and had no way of getting either one of these.  But Gandalf was a seasoned traveler and knew exactly where they were and knew of someone who lived a day’s hike away from here.  His name was Beorn and he was a huge man with long black hair and had a great bushy beard.   He also was a skin changer, which meant he could turn from a man into a massive black bear. 

Gandalf was cunning and knowing the short temper of Beorn devised a plan to have them invited as guests instead of turned away as beggars.  They would go in pairs of two every five minutes, all the while Gandalf would be telling Beorn the story of their perilous journey.  Every now and then during the story he would hint that they were more and more companions with him and with that up would come two more dwarfs, until at the end the whole company was around Beorn’s great table. 

Beorn allowed Bilbo and company to rest and recover for a couple of days in his house as his guests.  This filled their heart with renewed spirit and allowed their body to recover from the tireless adventure.  Soon they were off, they made a new friend, restore supplies and food thanks to Beorn.  He even let Bilbo and his friends ride on his ponies to the very edge of Mirkwood and if you knew Beorn you would be aware of how great an honor this was.  He loved his animals as one would their own children.  From here Gandalf said his goodbyes with Bilbo and the dwarfs as they made their dangerous path through Mirkwood forest.  

During this chapter you get to see the wisdom and knowledge of Gandalf.  How he can turn almost any situation into his favor.  You also get introduced to Beorn, he will prove to be a great ally to have in the end.  

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