Sunday, August 5, 2012

Micheal Phelps: Most Decorated Olympian

Phelps's journey to become the most decorated Olympian started 20 years ago when his sisters got him into swimming.  No one knew this at the time, but Phelps first dip in the pool, would eventually lead him to four Olympic games, 22 medals and 18 of which are gold.  Micheal Phelps would find success early in his swimming career and that early success would eventually lead him to cross paths with Bob Bowman.  Who has been Micheal Phelps's trainer since he was eleven.  

Micheal Phelps first trip to the Olympics wasn't filled with awards and gold medals.  But, this didn't stop him from breaking records.  Being only 15, Micheal Phelps was the youngest athlete ever to qualify for the Olympics.  This trend continued through the young athletes career.  At just 15 years 9 months Micheal Phelps was the holder of the 200M butterfly world record, breaking current holder Ian Thorpe's record.  Micheal Phelps would continue to find success in International competition, leading up to the 2004 summer games.

 Micheal Phelps first race of the games got the ball rolling for the 19 year old with a 3rd place finish.  A race in which he finished just behind two of the greatest free style swimmers of all time.  This was the first of many medals the young swimmer would bring home.   In Athens Micheal Phelps eventually would break 3 Olympic records, 2 World Records and bring home 8 medals, 6 of which were gold.  With the great showing at Athens, Micheal Phelps realized that with more training and even more dedication breaking Mark Spitz's record of 7 gold medals in one Olympics, was well within his reach. 

Leading up to Beijing, Micheal Phelps was the owner of six world records and to many first place finishes to count.  In 2008 history was in the making.  I remember watching Micheal Phelps touching the wall 100ths of a seconded sooner than 2nd place finisher Cavic. At the time I couldn't tell he won, it was too close to call.  This event tied Phelps with current record holder Mark Spitz with 7 gold medals.  Then during the 100x4 medley relay Phelps and his teammates won gold and set a new world record at 3 minutes and 29.24 seconds.  

London and the historic finish for Micheal Phelps.  When we first watched Micheal Phelps in Sydney.  No one could have guessed that the young Phelps would be crowned history's greatest Olympian just 12 years later.  Now 22 medals later, countless world and Olympic records to his name.  Micheal Phelps will go down in history as the Olympics greatest athlete.  

No one can deny his legacy, film doesn't lie and neither does his 18 gold medals.  If you have watched his illustrious career then you have seen what hard work, focus, and determination can accomplish.  This young man has had one goal his whole life and that was to be the most decorated swimmer of all time.  He can hang up his trunks, goggles and know that in his heart he gave his all.  Micheal Phelps, thank you for showing us what can be done if we put our heart and soul into our passion.

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