Wednesday, August 8, 2012

UFC 150: Co-Main Event Breakdown

Donald Cerrone VS Melvin Gullard

The two Jackson trained fighters will square off in the octagon this Saturday night.  Both went their separate ways after the fight was announced so not to hinder their friendship. See Evans, it can be done.  Each are looking forward to not holding back and enjoy the spirit of competition in its truest form.

This is a battle of polar opposites, but who wins?  With Melvin Gullard you have a compact power house, he has dynamite in both his hands and feet (even though he doesn't use many kicks).  He can generally blast through anybody for the take-down if he has to.  But since his much improved boxing, great footwork, and fast hands he hasn't had to force many take-downs.

 Then on the other hand you have Donald Cerrone, he is the taller more technical fighter.  What he lacks in speed and power, he makes up for with great utilization of his reach and great cardio.  Also, you generally don't see Cerrone going for take-downs. But, if it goes to the ground he uses his long limbs well to quickly snatch up submissions from odd angles.  One weapon that could be a game changer is the leg kick, Cowboy Cerrone uses them so well it could spell disaster for the faster fighter Melvin.

To say this fight is a toss up is an understatement.  This could easily be the fight of the night, have the knockout of the night, or submission of the night.  Both Cerrone and Gullard are always game, so watch this fight steal the show.  I see this fight going one of two ways.  First could be with Melvin Gullard by overwhelming flurry and one of his trademark hooks finding their mark, quickly ending the fight in the first round.  The other way it could go would have Donald Cerrone brusing and battering Melvin with a relentless leg kick attack.  Then in desperation Melvin shoots for his power double and ends up getting caught in one of Cowboy's crafty submissions.

Get ready for some fire works people, with this fight there will be a loser and it won't be the fans.

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