Monday, August 13, 2012

Insanity to Inshape: Week 3

Week 2 down 6 more to go.  The soreness I had felt from week 1 wasn’t an issue during week 2.   This either speaks to my bodies fast adaption to the work out regimen or that I’m not pushing myself hard enough.  I hope it’s the first one, but it’s probably the second.  There has been a couple of days that I didn’t feel up for the task, but I realize you only get out what you put in.  Also, I found that tracking my results on a public forum has increased my will to finish the program and to not give half hearted efforts.

Fit test number two was tough but not nearly as tough as the first one.  I saw a slight increase on every exercise component and didn’t feel nearly as exhausted as the first go round.  My cardio has increased, my leg strength, and my core stability have also increased.  The only thing this program really lacks is the upper body strength training, other than that I find it great for overall fitness.

So if your also doing insanity with me, keep it up.  Your body will thank you and your health insurance company will thank you too.  But, in all seriousness keep pressing forward and don’t give up.  Also if you can, post your results on your fit test below and tell me what you think about insanity so far.

1.Switch Kicks-70 +20
2.Power Jacks-46  +4
3.Power Knees-95 +14
4.Power Jumps-52 +22
5.Globe Jumps-9 +1
6.Suicide Jumps-24 +3
7.Push-up Jacks-36 +11
8.Low Plank Oblique-26 +1

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