Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kristen Stewart Outta Control

This Is Not ThE_WaY
 We all have heard about Kristen Stewart's lapse of self control.  She threw her inhibition into the wind, disregarded her future with her current boyfriend Rob, for a moment of sexual gratification. Let alone the guy was married.  So she loss control for an instant and did something she might regret forever and in the process lost all her loyal Twilightian followers.  What caused this? Was it her fault or can she just play the "I'm a dumb kid" card and think everything will be okay.

Well she lost the I'm a dumb kid card when she hit the 20's and now has to take responsibility for her actions.  What caused it was her giving in to her urges.  I know we all have urges and sometimes you have to give into them.  But, the only time that is appropriate is when there won't be residual damages.  Self control is a tricky subject, everyone believes they are in control until they do something stupid like this.  People need to be aware that every action has a consequence and stop going through life disregarding the fact.  When you know what you are doing is wrong, STOP!!! Think for a minute what might happen to me if i go through with this, who else could I hurt. 

We see this kind of thing every day with drunk drivers.  They think of the inconvenience to them, rather than the life altering event that would happen if they would hit another car.  This could result in injuring someone or heaven forbid killing them.  Now I'm not saying Kristen Stewart is the same as a Drunk Driver...SHE- IS- MUCH- WORSE...I kid, I kid, she didn't kill anyone. Just the hearts of her fans.  But what I am saying is our self control is in our own hands. No matter how little you might think the infraction is, chances are you could hurt someone a lot more than the satisfaction you got from your actions.

So next time before you do something stupid think, do I want to pull a Stewart?

Pulling a Stewart-Throw all my friends, fans, and career in the crapper.  Apply more crap, swirl it around.  Oh, and wait don't don't forget to add a dash of love and flush, plunge and flush again.

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