Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lyoto Machida Karate Do: Technique 6

This combo is very simple and highly effective.  It is utilized from kicking range to close the distance and land a powerful overhand left to your opponent’s face.

You start the combo in orthodox stance.  Shifting your weight forward to your lead leg turn your hips as you throw a convincing straight right toward your opponents face.  Keep in mind this is thrown as a distraction and not meant to hit your opponent, so don’t reach and compromise your balance.  Also, make sure you throw toward the eyes to disrupt their vision.  After fully extending your right cross use your extended hand to compromise your opponents guard by grabbing his lead hand.

While pulling your opponents lead hand, drive forward off of your left leg as you lunge your right leg to the outside of your opponents lead leg.   As you switch your stance and with your momentum still driving forward, throw your over hand left toward your opponents chin while bringing your right hand up to guard from any counters.



This strike will leave you in a good position to finish with a strong double leg take down.  Drill this combo over and over making sure you master all the subtleties.  This will help you not telegraph your intentions to your opponent.  This is a good addition to any ones fight game and remember creativity is a martial artists best friend.  Make this combo your own and you will should find success with it.

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