Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Machida Karate-Do Book Review part 3

Side Step to Side Kick to Cross

The next technique I will break down is the Side Step to Side Kick to Cross.  This combo starts from the orthodox stance and with your opponent in the same stance.  The first move in this combo is the lateral movement to the left.  You do this by stepping to the outside of your opponents rear leg without moving forward.  You want to set this up as you would a rear leg round kick.

After you step to the outside of your opponents rear leg, bring your rear leg toward your chest.  Lean back slightly when you do this to keep your balance.  Now flex your toes as you launch your chambered leg toward your opponents mid section making contact with their abs with your heel.  

Now bring your leg back toward your chest, so when you deliver your left cross its not lacking any power.  When your knee is pulled back toward your chest, step forward with your right leg and place it on the inside of your opponents lead leg.  As you step down with your right leg rotate your hips to continue your body's momentum and fire your straight left toward your opponents head.  Remember to keep your other hand up to protect from any counters your opponent might throw at you.

Knee to Chest
Side Kick

Knee to Chest
Left Cross

You might notice that after you delivered the left cross your opponents weight is back on their heels.  Chances are they will step back to regain their balance, so why don't you help them out with a nice rear push kick to the diaphragm.  You could also try an outside trip with your rear leg.  The main thing to remember is to keep your opponent guessing.  Be creative and you can find a lot of success with this combo.

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